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Advertising in PPE or

Advertising enquiries to Rob Willis  -

Display Advertising Rates

We know how important display advertising is to you. After all, we’re in a visual, product-led sector.
PPE prides itself on industry-leading content and design, meaning your advertising message will always be presented in the best way possible.

  • Full Page £1,395

  • Half Page £795

  • Quarter Page £445

  • Double Page Spread £2,400

Series discounts are, of course, available, so please do talk to us about your annual marketing plans and allow us to tailor a package that works for you.

HTML / Digital Marketing

The digital reach in the party sector has grown, and so has the number of our retail contacts who have asked us to keep them updated via digital means. We can get your product, message, exhibition preview and more in front of over 8000 party sector contacts at any given time.

  • Designed HTML marketing campaign £800

  • Existing campaign sent to PG&H subscribers £500

Technical Stuff

Full Page: 297 x 210 trim, add 5mm bleed to all sides, type within 271 x 185.

Half Page vertical: 271 x 92.
Half Page horizontal: 134 x 185
Quarter Page (portrait): 134 x 91

All files must be print quality, high resolution, at least 300dpi at the size used.

We can accept files in most applications. Artwork must be flattened and supplied to Rob Willis - - in good time to be checked by our reproduction department.

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Get in touch

United House, North Road, London, N7 9DP

0207 700 6740

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